A thought that scares, a spook that adheres. Is it so wrong to be lost? What does it really cost?

A couple more miles till you reach your destination. A few more minutes of isolation.

Not everyone is privileged to be lost As it is not subjected to fright but an opportunity to explore.

There is nothing wrong to miss some turns. There is no fear if you get a few.

Doesn’t matter, you fly or walk or crawl Just don’t let the demons sprawl.

Embrace the chances you have got whether it turned great or not.

Every step you take brings you closer to yourself. So what, you wandered a little in your own verse.

Being lost is not a curse 🙂

Published by Yashika Sachdeva

An architect and city planner by profession. Part time blogger. A travel enthusiast. Loves to explore and document experiences through sketches and in her writings.

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