Same breakfast, same route, same schedule, same sleep cycle and REPEAT! Relatable?

I’m never able to keep up with a single routine and for those people who can so easily maintain this never ending cycle, I’m always surprised. Do you ever feel that monotony brings frustration but also knowing the schedule can contribute in mental peace because you already know what’s gonna happen next.

I would suggest try and break the monotony as your brain needs challenges once in a while.

Human-bots : term used to define those you just keep on repeating a single thing every single day and you may come across the researches that state monotony kills creativity. The thing is, we are so stuck in a routine that we forget to acknowledge the world beyond it and over a long period we stop seeing the difference and moves on with the built frustration sinking it in different sorts.

I often identify people around me stuck in this ill practice of your society and when I put my finger on that moment in which their laugh is as insignificant as their knowledge of being stuck. I can’t decide whether to smile that they are laughing or sympathetic. When you realise you are a part of this integrated co-dependent monotonously hazard, you feel alone on this end where you are not sucked into it(yet)

“ I just pray that everyone gets what they aspire”

Published by Yashika Sachdeva

An architect and city planner by profession. Part time blogger. A travel enthusiast. Loves to explore and document experiences through sketches and in her writings.

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