I wake up and stare at nothing; there is a flame inside me blazing.

It is killing me slowly to not know the answers; I seek peace and harmony through all my prayers.

I do not know whether I was done wrong; These feelings are blazing strong.

Sometimes, I do not even want to know anything; As I do not need the answers to questions which means nothing.

This sensation of righteousness deviates me from path; for what been done or happened is in the past.

I need my answers for the peace of my soul; To know whether I was delusional or fate actually played me fowl.

I feel unrest to my bones; nothing makes me happy as of now, I’m drowning with a bag of stones.

I seek comfort in things I am distracted with; but at the back of my head, there always remains a burning tick.

My soul begs it to stop, I keep believing that my karma has brought this atop.

I am asking for forgiveness from whoever got hurt because of me, I pray for this curse to free me.

Published by Yashika Sachdeva

An architect and city planner by profession. Part time blogger. A travel enthusiast. Loves to explore and document experiences through sketches and in her writings.

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