The hidden faces..

Its quite ironical how the people we continue to think the best are sometimes the ones who will be worst for you.

Attachment, love, friendship; all these powerful notions diminish the toxicity.

We are never able to unmask these people, the constant sufferage makes us wonder what’s happening wrong, what can we possibly do right; But its not your fault, is it? Maybe its someone else’s choices haunting you.

You have got to find out the ways you can be oblivious to such nerve wrecking subtle experiences which are ultimately destroying your inner peace.

Parasite, ever heard of this term, of course you have, but are you getting what I’m implying with this term?

I’m not saying it’s a bad world outside your vicinity but you have to know and accept the fact it’s not good either. You have got to know the importance of yourself. I don’t know whether my words are connecting to you or not, as we all have read quotations and self help verses all over the social media, well they are gist and ironical enough have hidden messages which are only understood by those who already know them. This satire amuses me. Well, I’ve got to do what I have and others have got to do what they want. There’s no point changing the world and you should not change yourself either; all I’m suggesting is gain some perspective.

Published by Yashika Sachdeva

An architect and city planner by profession. Part time blogger. A travel enthusiast. Loves to explore and document experiences through sketches and in her writings.

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