Another chapter is ending, or I might say another heart- taking chapter is ending.

Although, I wish to hold the time and re-live all the moments.

I know, there is nothing to mourn about, cause it’s life and it’s never gonna be fair and good things come with time.

But, I’m always going to cherish what we have right now and I’m definitely looking forward to the bright side of sky where we are about to star our new tale.

This journey, is not going to be easy; At times, we are not going to be breezy.

Life might play its role and we might find ya missing from the whole.

As the journey proceeds there will be situations, that might shout our failures but we gotta stay strong like now we are.

Everything, just seems so unclear, sometimes it might not even be fair.

The only thing I have in my hand is hope, even if my illusionary bubble pops.

I’ll keep trying and fighting (for us); like, in rains, the lightening does…

Published by Yashika Sachdeva

An architect and city planner by profession. Part time blogger. A travel enthusiast. Loves to explore and document experiences through sketches and in her writings.

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