You know exactly what happened and you often assume the rest. The facts that you know and the story you make outta them is always according to your perspective. People believe the things they want to believe. It is not your job to control those stories. You might be a star in someone stories without even knowing or a villain in someone’s head for whom you care a lot. The bottom line is you can’t control it. Then why waste all your time to be the star all the time. The things you do matters and you shall do them as you please. Why not shift your focus on whatever makes you happy rather doing things that ‘would’ make ‘someone’ happy for once. Everyone is important to themselves but everybody can not be the most important person for everyone. This is the delusion we often have that everyone and everything revolves around us and us only, but it doesn’t. If you have done good to someone, doesn’t mean it will come back from the same person. As much as you hate it, as long as you want to wait and as lost or betrayed as you feel, that is your perspective and ultimately your delusion.

Published by Yashika Sachdeva

An architect and city planner by profession. Part time blogger. A travel enthusiast. Loves to explore and document experiences through sketches and in her writings.

2 thoughts on “Delusions

  1. I don’t know you but I read many posts of yours. These are interesting, specially the language and at the same time give an idea that you are using this place to write stuff that you wish to speak to someone but are avoiding it. It can be a good strategy once in a while, to manage conflict, self-respects, ego and even just to learn a lot more about situations. But here almost every post has a recurring theme in which you seem to be avoiding a conversation and are troubled about it. Think of it. Maybe other side is equally afraid, lacking trust or over-cautious. you cannot change that, but your stance is not making things easy. Do you lack trust in others or in your ownself? Did you make some tough decision and are sticking to it despite the things bothering you.

    I would leave an unsolicited advice, speak to the people who come to your mind while writing these posts. They certainly are good people, we do not ruminate over bad ones. You might be believing that you are leaving them in peace but they might be needing you equally. Human condition is bad in this sense. And regrets are very painful. Just from my own experience, we lose each other because of lack of communications and suffering is on each side. Just think of Ross and Rachel! Scripted stories but all about good feeling.

    I said enough but one last line, some are itinerant with the purpose of getting lost!


    1. Hi Chandni,
      I have thought about what you said for quite some time. I really really appreciate your concern and am overwhelmed with your response and suggestions.

      I highly appreciate you trying to read between the lines of my poems and it’s true that I use my writing to express the ranges of emotions I’ve felt at times.
      But understand that this website is a clubbed result of past 7-8 years and I have been posting all the stuff all together initially. So, it might seem that I’m going through some difficult time at once but I’m doing great. Really thank you for your response and sincere concern.


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