Yashika Sachdev

Architect || City Planner

The lost Psyche is my memoir. As sorted as I’ve tried to be, I’ve accepted the fact that it is fine to be lost sometimes. Peace is the ultimate goal, right? then why wait for a moment to attain it, when I can be in the most peaceful version of myself, by being lost in the trail of my thoughts. By writing my heart out through this page, I’m just trying to keep all my emotions intact. I read somewhere that the life events which have the deepest emotional impacts on us, become our memories. Since, I make a ton of memories everyday, I guess that makes me the most emotional person of all and the best way to express yourself is through what you love the most. I love to create, so here I’m creating whatever I can. I do not know the outcome and I’m not even trying to imagine it but I’m loving the process 🙂