Is missing someone a sin?

When we were all apart

I neither liked cake or tart.

I just missed you.

When you told me, you were going.

I wanted to say good bye happily.

But instead I had feable tears in my eyes.

Because I knew I will just miss you.

When I were ever wrong.

You were always there with a frown.

That’s why I categorise things today

To check whether I’m doing right by my side.

That’s how I was simply taught.

You were the only one I can call at night.

You have never had me checked the time

And you always accepted it as lightly as lime.

You never complained about my habits.

You found them as cute as rabbits.

Sometimes, when I feel that you are lost I want you back at any cost.

I keep asking myself that why you needed to go.

When our relation was like all seven colors of rainbow.

From desperation to exhilaration…

People tend to discuss about fairy tales, when they reach there, they disrespect and bail.

For someone, who has collected the broken pieces, knows the actual meaning of having something affluent.

When universe plays tricks, all you need is someone amidst pricks.

When one knows the meaning of loosing, Also gets a perspective of gaining.

They say, best love is “self love” when you are obsessed to yourself, you don’t need any more.

I say, when you have been through incompleteness, wise one will not surrender again.

For me, it’s not scary out there, the only fear I have is to touch something perfect and wait for universe to decide.

I aspire to have such commitment to myself that when my heart aches for something, the universe makes sure that it’s where my aspiration is!!

A Tickle

Suddenly, I wake from this dream.

A dream so merry that I could actually drown in it.

I feel mesmerized sometimes and suffocated the others.

I woke and realized that there is something I miss in between all this bliss.

I feel kind of lost, like I’m stuck between two lives as a ghost.

I can’t choose among these lives, ‘cause both of ‘em have their acceptables and denies.

It’s hard to accept that you left ‘cause when it comes to you, it has always been a fest!

It’s even harder to turn around and realize, no one is there.

All I have is this tickle around me; which always reminds that this is not the end.

I feel like this tickle is your send!

To make things breezy, I play with my mind though I’m not that kind.

I feel different, this place is different, the faces around me are different.

With all this, I’m different!

But something remains the same, it’s hard to explain ‘cause it’s not that plain.

And deep down, I know that it’s always gonna be same.

No matter how different are places or faces.


Another chapter is ending, or I might say another heart- taking chapter is ending.

Although, I wish to hold the time and re-live all the moments.

I know, there is nothing to mourn about, cause it’s life and it’s never gonna be fair and good things come with time.

But, I’m always going to cherish what we have right now and I’m definitely looking forward to the bright side of sky where we are about to star our new tale.

This journey, is not going to be easy; At times, we are not going to be breezy.

Life might play its role and we might find ya missing from the whole.

As the journey proceeds there will be situations, that might shout our failures but we gotta stay strong like now we are.

Everything, just seems so unclear, sometimes it might not even be fair.

The only thing I have in my hand is hope, even if my illusionary bubble pops.

I’ll keep trying and fighting (for us); like, in rains, the lightening does…

The hidden faces..

Its quite ironical how the people we continue to think the best are sometimes the ones who will be worst for you.

Attachment, love, friendship; all these powerful notions diminish the toxicity.

We are never able to unmask these people, the constant sufferage makes us wonder what’s happening wrong, what can we possibly do right; But its not your fault, is it? Maybe its someone else’s choices haunting you.

You have got to find out the ways you can be oblivious to such nerve wrecking subtle experiences which are ultimately destroying your inner peace.

Parasite, ever heard of this term, of course you have, but are you getting what I’m implying with this term?

I’m not saying it’s a bad world outside your vicinity but you have to know and accept the fact it’s not good either. You have got to know the importance of yourself. I don’t know whether my words are connecting to you or not, as we all have read quotations and self help verses all over the social media, well they are gist and ironical enough have hidden messages which are only understood by those who already know them. This satire amuses me. Well, I’ve got to do what I have and others have got to do what they want. There’s no point changing the world and you should not change yourself either; all I’m suggesting is gain some perspective.

A risk!

We can’t blame others when love dwindles away. For we knew from the start it never promised to stay.

It’s just one of those times where the stakes are high and maybe it’s forever but sometimes it’s a goodbye.

When you love the right way, you will never loose. No matter what path life may force you to choose.

You may end up with tears or a broken heart; but you knew what you signed up for from the start.

You can only give what you gotta give and if that’s not enough, then you must continue to live.

Life will go on and broken hearts will heal. You must continue to your quest, for that’s the deal.

Throw your heart into life and never stall, for the greatest risk is to risk nothing at all.

Love is the only thing we know that can not be divided and even divided it continues to grow.

Life isn’t long enough to lock away your heart, just because life may have forced two people apart.

You shall continue to love and continue to lose, you shall continue to pick and continue to choose.

And then one day you will just risk it all again; take the chains off your heart and dismantle the wall.

The last time you lost will not be the forever and then never again will your heart be forced to sever.

You shall never have doubts that it’ll go away because this time, it’s here to stay.

But until then you must endure all the pain for you’ll only see the sunshine if you can wait through the rain.


I wake up and stare at nothing; there is a flame inside me blazing.

It is killing me slowly to not know the answers; I seek peace and harmony through all my prayers.

I do not know whether I was done wrong; These feelings are blazing strong.

Sometimes, I do not even want to know anything; As I do not need the answers to questions which means nothing.

This sensation of righteousness deviates me from path; for what been done or happened is in the past.

I need my answers for the peace of my soul; To know whether I was delusional or fate actually played me fowl.

I feel unrest to my bones; nothing makes me happy as of now, I’m drowning with a bag of stones.

I seek comfort in things I am distracted with; but at the back of my head, there always remains a burning tick.

My soul begs it to stop, I keep believing that my karma has brought this atop.

I am asking for forgiveness from whoever got hurt because of me, I pray for this curse to free me.

Addling love!

This feeling overwhelms me; a swelling in my heart.

I never truly thought; I would be this happy at the start.

You take me by the hand; and lead me by the heart.

Over a beach of sand; through the grasses that we part.

With you I know of my intuition and sound mind.

My feelings I cannot help but show to the person who is so kind.

You kiss my lips so tender; embrace me throughout the night.

To you I’ve surrendered myself; so hold on tight.

So, strongly you hold my hand; whisper softly in my ear.

I really feel that you understand everything you hear.

I loose myself in you, this clove I’ve never been.

These feelings are so few, to have a lover like you.


You are the thought that starts each morning, and conclude my day.

You are in all that I do, and everything that I say.

You are the smile on my face; the twinkle in my eye.

The warmth inside my heart; the fullness in my life.

You are the hand that’s laced in mine forever; and the coat on my back.

My friend, my love, my shoulder to lean on.

You are my silly, mature, caring, thoughtful, bright and honest guy.

The one who holds me tightly, when I need to cry.

You are the dimple on my cheek, the ever- constant tingle in my soul.

The voice that makes me weak; the happiness of my life.

You are all I have ever wanted; you are all I need.

You are all I have dreamed of, you are all of this to me.

The Realizations

I think we know, we just know deep down and we get deluded because we can’t accept any negative notion especially when our heart is set on something. It’s kinda contradicting but still we need to amend our ways and get to it.

I’ve my thoughts cluttered as there are so many but I just know what’s the best. Maybe I’ll take time to realize the suffering and I’ll let go but the confusions I face are just overwhelming. Yea! I’ve trust in the process; actually that’s the only thing I’m holding on right now, Because I don’t wanna blame myself later for the loss I have today; also deep down I’m blaming myself which again is contradictory in many ways.

All along I wanted the way out and when I’m, I feel like it was not supposed to be this way.

I wish I could have told this to someone and make it all go away for once and for good but will it be that easy. I doubt!!

Another question is, whether I’ll trust anyone else’s take on my life as I do not and will not be able to. The only mantra I’ve to hold on right now is



The dilemmas, doubts and scones, emotional turmoils are part of our journey and no one can deny it.

It eventually gets better but for some it worsens. The ability to bear these emotions are not inherited by all.

Some quit, some seek help and others just “let it be”

We all believe that what happens and will happen had a reason, no one knows whether it’s true but it at least make us keep going.


Somewhere among the gloom you bloom, that struggle with the cocoon accounts as a boon.

The questions you have. The opinions you create might sometimes not be great.

The purpose is often lost and it is the case with most, though we know the answer to “why”, it just seems better to ignore rather to recognize.

As insecurities spread a web, it’s hard to find a way out, you tend to settle in and your insides shout.

So, is it the right way to live, you will never know until you dive in.

Though the process seems abrupt but it’s all worth going through.

I saw you there..

I saw you there, I wondered how is it going to be to know you.

I held your hand, I wondered how come it is this satisfying even when it’s new.

I realised I can sit in one place doing nothing but staring at you for hours.

I know this is not what I wanted it to be but it feels like spring with bloom into flowers.

I ponder whether these feelings will grow or get lost in chills.

But till the time that moment comes, I’m going to enjoy these feels.

I feel distracted and this was never a part of my “plan”. Though there can be chances that universe is directing my steps while it can.

I believe whatever it is we are going to grow in each other’s arms with all the happiness and charms.