Life is a Gamble…

Have you ever played blackjack sipping a tasteful cocktail with adrenaline rushing all over, the dealer dealt the cards, you just made a choice, blood gushing in your temples, “yes, that’s the very exact moment when you feel your heart pounding and outrunning you”; fortunately, this lasts for just a few seconds. Will you beContinue reading “Life is a Gamble…”


Standing on one side with rules to abide. Can’t open the door, couldn’t be curious more. What’s in there, I wonder while standing here. Just one look is all I need, to have the same I might plead. Is it that important to have a collection of the unknown, I asked myself. The chills ofContinue reading “Peephole”

Love as it comes and goes

Life is too short when you have something you have always asked for. Life is too long when you desire something and wait for it to come. But when you get something calming amid all this. You feel blessed. I’ve felt blessed and cursed both at the same time. There’s some force which feels likeContinue reading “Love as it comes and goes”